Rajpal Yadav Height in Feet, First Wife Name & Full Biography

Rajpal yadav height

Rajpal Yadav is an a Indian bollywood Comedy Actor. He is Born In Hindu Family Rajpal Yadav Height 158 cm on 16/March/1971 Born in Kundra Uttar Pradesh India. Rajpal Yadav Age Approx 52 year Old.He is completed own Schooling from Bharatendu Natya Academy Uttar Pradesh and also Completed Own Graduation  in National School Of Drama Delhi

 As we all know that if there is no comedy in any movie then that movie becomes a boring movie or some movies are hit or flop because of the comedy.The number of people who like comedy movies is high.So today we will talk about Indian Bollywood comedian actor Rajpal Yadav. 

When it comes to comedy, it is not possible that Rajpal Yadav’s name is not there, even today people like Rajpal Yadav very much because of his comedy.Rajpal worked in many movies, the names of those movies are as follows Phir Hera Pheri, Hungama, Bhool Bhoolaiya, Dhol, Bhagam Bhag It can be said that Rajpal’s strong comedy was worth watching in all these movies and even today people like the small comedy clips of these movies.Even today people use gifs of movies to people in on social media. Now you can understand that Rajpal’s comedy or his popularity is still visible in the news.

Before achieving this success, Rajpal Yadav has faced many problems. A news report shows that Rajpal Yadav himself had said this to Reveal when he was 20 years old All eyes of my father and our society members were fixed on me his family members had got him Arrange marriage and His wife name is karuna.Life was going well for both of them when Karuna gave birth to a daughter.But suddenly after some time his health deteriorated and then after some time he would die. Rajpal said that after his death his life like lifeless.

During an interview Interviewer asked Rajpal that had you ever thought that comedy clips of your old films would ever be used in 2023 or some such future.Rajpal said that yes, I had never thought that it would be possible for people to use my comedy clips on this generation But I have no problem with this, people are getting entertained, they are happy, so I am also happy.

Rajpal Yadav Height, Age, Net Worth & More


Rajpal Yadav

Full Name

Rajpal Naurang Yadav

Birth Year






Birth place

Kundra Uttar Pradesh

Language known


Favourite Actor

Akshay Kumar

Favourite Actress

Priyanka Chopra

Favourite colour

Black | White

Favourite Movie

Phir Hera Pheri


Bharatendu Natya Academy


National School of Darama


Rangmanch Course

Income per month

1 crore

Net worth

600 crore

Rajpal Yadav Height

158 cm


65 kg

Hair colour


Eyes Colour

Black Brown







Rajpal Yadav Wife Name

Karuna Yadav

2 Wife

Radha Yadav


No Information

Child Name

Moni & Hani



Rajpal Yadav Mother name

Godavari Yadav

Rajpal Yadav Father name

Naurang Yadav

Sister Name

No Information

Brother Name

Inderpal Yadav



Food like


Rajpal Yadav First Movie

Shool 1999


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Rajpal yadav height
Rajpal yadav height
Rajpal yadav height
Rajpal yadav height
Rajpal yadav height

Rajpal Yadav Family Background

Rajpal Yadav Born in Hindu Family, He Belongs From Middle Class Family His Father name is Naurang Yadav. His Mother Name is Godavari Yadav. His Mother is Normal House wife Rajpal Yadav have one Brother and Brother  Name is Inderpal Yadav. After the death of Rajpal Yadav’s first wife Karuna, he married Radha Yadav in 2003.

Rajpal Yadav Shocking Jail Story

 According to Bollywood News, Rajpal had to go to jail in 2010 The reason for going to jail was that Rajpal had produced a movie whose name was unknown. To produce this movie, Rajpal had taken a loan of Rs 5 crore from the bank Due to some reason, Rajpal Yadav could not repay that loan, due to which he had to stay in jail for 3 months.After coming out of jail, he also revealed that he has learned a lot because of his stay in jail.

  1. Please Tell Me Rajpal Yadav Height

  Ans.Rajpal Yadav Height 158 cm Approx

2        Rajpal Yadav Height in Feet

Ans    Rajpal Yadav Height 5.18 In Feet

3         Rajpal Yadav Height in Meter

Ans     Rajpal Yadav Height 1.5 Meter

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