Rahul Dhandlaniya Wife Name, Biography, Age, Net Worth & more

Rahul Dhandlaniya Age

Rahul Dhandlaniya Age And Personal Information

Birth Year


Rahul Dhandlaniya Age


Birth place

Jhajjar Haryana





Home Town

Jhajjar Haryana India

Rahul Dhandlaniya Religion


Rahul Dhandlaniya Caste


Food Like






Rahul Dhandlaniya Biography



Full Name

Rahul Dhandlaniya

Nick Name

Rahul Ahlawat


 Social Media Influencer | Desi Wrestler

Famous For


Language known

                                            Hindi | Haryanvi

Rahul Dhandlaniya Age

Favourite Things

Favourite Wrestler

Bajrang Punia

Favourite Sports man

Neeraj Chopra

Favourite colour

Black | White Red

Favourite Game


Favourite Food


Favourite show

Fashion Show

Favourite Restaurant

No Information

Rahul Dhandlaniya Educational Information


No Information


Jhajjar Haryana


No Information

Higher Qualification


Personal Information

Income per month

4 lakh

Net worth

10+ crore

Rahul Dhandlaniya Height

176 cm


70 kg

Hair colour


Eyes Colour

Black Brown

 Rahul Dhandlaniya Wife

Sonika Dahiya


No Information


No Information

Child Name

No Information

Mother name

We Updated Soon

Father name

We Updated Soon

Sister Name

We Updated Soon

Brother Name

We Updates soon


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Rahul Dhandlaniya Age
Rahul Dhandlaniya Age

Rahul Dhandlaniya is an an Indian Village Wrestler and social Media Personality he is born in hindu family Rahul Dhandlaniya age Approx 24 he is born on 2000 in Jhanjhar haryana. He is Completed Own Education From Jhanjhar.

As we all know, after Ankit Baiyanpuria, Rahul Dhandalaniya is quite famous on social media these days.Because Rahul is a great wrestler and Rahul has worked very hard to achieve this success and today he is getting the fruits of it. He is the first desi wrestler who has built such a nice muscular body without the help of protein.

Till now Rahul is the only desi wrestler he has also rejected the paid promotion of a protein companies and he clearly states in his videos that instead of using protein, he used milk ghee & Churma

When he was asked in many interviews why he refused to promote protein companies So Rahul said that he was offered a pass by many protein companies and they also asked him to give them a lot of money but he clearly refused them saying that he would not let his brothers eat this dirty thing If you have to build a body, you have to work hard and take milk, then you have to eat good thing like milk, lassi, ghee, churma,and he also said Protein or churma is an a similar

Rahul Dhandlaniya world record with 5005 Sapatey And Rahul did not eat anything while hitting the Sapte, just drank water and that too after completing 2000 Sapte. There were 15 to 20 wrestlers in this tournament. None of the wrestlers who took part in this competition could even come close to Rahul.

When the reporter asked Rahul, what do you have to say about marriage because wrestlers do not think about marriage? Rahul Says to Reporter No, it is nothing like that, I have been thinking about marriage since the age of 16

More About

As we all know, Rahul has become quite famous on social media these days and the curiosity of his fans is also increasing day by day.Along with wrestling, Rahul also got the offer of video songs, in which one song has been released, the song name is Target and along with that, Rahul also does blogging on YouTube.

Family Background​

Rahul was Born in Upper Middle class family His Father is a Farmer And his  Mother is a House wife 

On Dec 28 2023 Rahul Married With Sonika Dahiya Sonika Dahiya is an a Housewife And Rahul lovingly calls Sonika as Bheet and the pair of them is very cute, Sonika has a little shy nature.Every day Rahul keeps posting blogging videos with his wife.

Ankit Baiyanpuria VS Rahul Dhandlaniya​

  •  Ankit Baiyanpuria is an a Indian wrestler 
  • He is Completed 75 days challenge
  • He is Using Supplements such as Protein Pre workout 
  • Ankit does paid promotions for protein companies
  • Rahul is also a Village wrestler 
  • He is Not completed this Type of Challenge 
  • He is not Using any types  Supplements 
  • Ankit does paid promotions for protein companies


1 Tell me Rahul Dhandlaniya Age?

Ans Rahul Dhandlaniya Age Approx 24

2 Tell me Rahul Dhandlaniya Age And Birth Place 

Ans According to News Rahul Dhandlaniya Age Approx 24 and Birth Place in Haryana Jhajjar

3 Tell Me Rahul Dhandlaniya Age And Height in cm

Ans  Rahul Dhandlaniya Age 24 years And Height 176cm

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